Trainee Vet Nurse


Gena recalls that she has always been an animal lover since she was a child. Her first pet was a budgie called Chirpy, who she describes as her first best friend. After watching the popular TV show, The Saddle Club, at around 11 years old, she developed a strong passion for horses and riding.

After graduating high school, Gena enrolled at the University of Sydney and double majored in English and history. While studying, she volunteered at a horse-riding school and landed her first job as a stable hand for racehorses. After completing her university studies, she found that she ultimately enjoyed working with horses and decided to stay within this field.

Gena has now been working with racehorses for over a decade, this helped her realize that she wanted to dedicate her time to taking care of animals in need. Gena says that she wishes to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves and desires to help any animal, domestic or wild, that may come across her path and requires help. So, in 2019, Gena made the decision to enroll into the Animal Studies course at TAFE in preparation for the Veterinary Nursing course soon after.

It was at this time that Gena was welcomed into the Wallsend Vet Team as a work experience student. Her remarkable dedication and devotion to animal care were immediately recognized, and she was offered a position as a trainee nurse shortly after. Gena says that she loves working in an environment where she has the opportunity to learn something new every day and feels overwhelmingly grateful to be working her dream job.

At home, Gena owns two German shepherds, Kaia and Koda, a rainbow lorikeet named Georgie, and a retired ex-race horse named Gavin, whom she developed a deep bond with at the race track and could not resist bringing home to welcome into her fur-family.

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