Vet / Superintendent

Dr Geoff Tyre

Geoff’s veterinary journey began after graduating Sydney University at the age of 25. Over the years Geoff has gained valuable knowledge working with both large and small animals, including household pets, horses and livestock – nowadays there’s very few species of animals that Geoff has not treated!

Geoff took his passion for veterinary care to the next level when he decided to open his own hospital, which he ran alongside his wife and operated out of his own home in a purpose build hospital ward. He now has over 37 years of extensive experience within the veterinary industry.

Geoff has a big interest in probiotics, having a big appreciation for the link between gut health and over-all wellbeing. This interest led him to manufacture his own successful product, GT Performer, which was specifically created using pre-biotics and pro-biotics to promote healthy digestion, improve mental health and well-being for horses and dogs.

Geoff joined the Wallsend Vet Team in early 2021 and was instantly a great fit. Due to his experience in managing a successful business, he has now taken on the role of superintendent and overseas clinic processes and updates here at Wallsend Vet.  

Some of his fondest interests as a vet include surgery and reproductive services.

Outside of work, Geoff enjoys working the farm and caring for his pack of Dachshunds.

Geoff owns a variety of animals, including dogs, horses, cattle and a Corella called Dennis.

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