Dr Angela Brady


Angela wanted to be an ‘aminal doctor’ when she was five years old, and more than 25 years after graduating from Sydney University, she still loves the challenges of veterinary science. Angela has worked all around the Hunter area, from Singleton to Swansea, plus the obligatory stint locuming in England. 

Several years at the old RSPCA at Elermore Vale helped define her attitude to practice: championing the needs and welfare of each pet, yet recognising that owners sometimes need to be pragmatic when more complicated health issues arise.

Her current livestock include a 14-year-old Belgian Shepherd, six backsliding chickens (eggs? what eggs?) and an ever diminishing number of goldfish (fish are not Angela’s forte!). Two girls complete the head count and can be seen around the clinic some afternoons after dancing. Angela enjoys surgery and is making a niche in soft tissue procedures at Wallsend (the face-lift queen for spaniels and Shar-Peis).

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