Feline Health Centre

Full Physical Examination

Time for that yearly check-up?

Our Team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of personal care for your feline friend! When your cat visits us for a health check they will receive the full Royal treatment:

  • Full Vital sign work-up
  • Full Musco-skeletal examination
  • Dental examination
  • Spinal examination
Feline Health Centre

Outdoor Exercise Run

Are you boarding your cat with us?

Our boarders have access to an outdoor exercise run that gives them the opportunity to enjoy some fun in the sun and fresh air during their stay. The cats are rotated individually (or if they are boarding in a pair they may go out together) so that each cat has a chance to stretch their legs. Learn ore about our Feline Boarding Facility

Separate Hospital Facility

To minimise stress for our Feline Friends, we have separated the cat hospital from the dog hospital by introducing a brand new Feline Health Centre.

Our new Feline Health Centre includes a cat specific hospital ward, waiting room, consult room, boarding facility and outdoor exercise run.

Since separating the cats from the dogs, we have found that our Feline patients remain happy and relaxed for their visits.