Spring has sprung - and so have your pet's allergies

During the Spring period you may notice your pets’ allergies worsening as the amount of pollen and other environmental allergens increase. Our friend Tigger is the perfect example of a classic itchy, scratchy dog. The 14-year-old Maltese Terrier has shown signs of obvious irritation for as long as we have known him.

Itchy dermatitis, red paws, fur loss and damp skin from constant licking leading to self-mutilation are just some of his symptoms presented to our Veterinarians at Wallsend Vet Newcastle. He’s even required antibiotic courses to treat skin infections caused by licking at his sore and irritated areas. His owner, Michelle, said they had previously tried many different avenues to relieve his symptoms to no avail.

 “Tigger has been living with itching, scratching and chewing all his life,” she said.

“In the past we have tried to offer antihistamines to relieve his symptoms, but they would only offer mild relief.”

“We have also tried medicated shampoos and keeping him off long grass.”

While it’s always difficult to pin-point exactly what allergen is affecting our pets, our Veterinarians are sure Tiggers irritable symptoms were caused by contact allergies – which exist in the environment. Luckily, our latest attempt to help him has been the most responsive yet. A monthly injection called Cytopoint is new to the market and is providing almost instant relief for the pets of Newcastle.

“The injection works for Tigger within 24 hours,” Michelle said.

“His scratching and chewing stops quickly afterwards and the skin on his belly becomes less red. The injection gives him about 4 to 6 weeks of relief, depending on how hot it is.”

“OUR quality of life has improved from the Cytopoint; no longer do we have to be by his side stopping him from constantly scratching.”

Does your dog or cat...

  • Scratch and lick themselves relentlessly? Can you see dandruff and scales on the skin?
  • Have red, inflamed “damp areas”, such as paws and between the toes, ears and face, inner legs and genital region? Can you see a rash or open sores on the skin?
  • Suffer from recurring ear infections, particularly in the same ear?
  • Have bald spots or areas with hair loss?
  • Cough, wheeze at times, or sneeze a lot? Perhaps you have noticed a constant wet nose?
  • Vomit or experience diarrhoea often?

If you are nodding your head, we can help to provide the steps forward to help your dog or cat feel relief from the constant discomfort that allergies can cause.

Of the different types of pets we adore at Wallsend Vet Newcastle, dogs are particularly prone to suffering from allergies, which come in four forms. These are airborne (pollination) which are typically seasonal from early spring and into the summer months until March, food (like us, pets can have aversions to some diets, commonly wheat), fleas (these parasites tend to camp around the tail base and anus infecting the skin), and contact (interaction with different allergens like grasses, plants and flowers).

If your pet suffers from allergies, book an appointment with us ASAP so we can identify the allergen affecting your pet and discuss methods of treatment and relief for this Spring season.