Lift the lip

Save Your Pet’s Smile with Advanced Dentistry at Wallsend Vet Newcastle. 

We have more up our sleeve than just pulling teeth! Our human touch when it comes to pet dentistry includes dental radiology, fillings and enamel repair, as well as root canal therapy to restore pearly white teeth. Rabbits, guinea pigs, and of course dogs and cats will benefit from healthy pink gums and strong teeth to eat well and have more to smile about.  Particularly our feline friends, cats are prone to a very serious and painful dental disease called “Resorptive Lesions”. Often forming under the gums, these subtle lesions cause loss of tooth enamel and the rise of oral pain. To avoid progression of this aching condition, take action now. 

Wallsend Vet Newcastle is offering FREE DENTAL CHECKS for all pets. Talk to our friendly Vets and Nurses to schedule this important appointment on 4951 4222.