Wallsend Vet – Newcastle, your devoted companions.

The individual needs of the client and their companion are always at the heart of our experienced team. For more than 40 years, our hospital has been dedicated to providing veterinary care to the community of Newcastle.

Dr John Hayes opened the practice in 1977, providing companion animals of the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region with a high standard of treatment. Originally Dr Hayes’ family home, the property was extended and converted into the veterinary hospital you see today.

On the 5th of October 2012, Dr Hayes passed the privilege of ownership to Dr David Larratt. David has been working in the Lake Macquarie area since graduating from Sydney University in 1989. Wallsend Vet Hospital has benefited from his skills for the past 11 years, where he has functioned as senior surgeon and introduced a range of skills that were not previously available.

Advanced dental treatment including root canal therapy is now offered to repair (rather than extract) teeth when possible. David’s main surgical interest is in advanced orthopaedic procedures. He is also fully qualified as a veterinary acupuncturist and has skills in natural therapies to offer a wide range of treatment options. All owners and animals have their own specific needs that should be respected, so a personal approach is taken every time.

The Wallsend Vet staff are devoted to working with both existing clients and new clients to provide high standards of veterinary care for our animal companions. 

Meet Our Team
Dr David Larratt
  • BVSc
  • IVAS (Principal)

David has loved his work as a Veterinarian for over 24 years. After graduating from the University of Sydney, his first job as a Vet was at Belmont Veterinary Hospital on the Eastern side of Lake Macquarie, working with small animals and horses. In these early days, he developed a strong interest in physiotherapy, orthopaedic surgery and acupuncture.

After a few years of experience, David spent two years travelling and working. His first stop was Zimbabwe, where he volunteered as an assistant to university vet student education, sharing his surgical knowledge and also gaining experience with the local veterinary requirements of tribal livestock farmers.

In the UK, he continued to work in mixed small animal and farm animal practices where he spent many nights calving cows and lambing ewes. The most interesting part of this trip was the year spent in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, which at the time was a social and cultural challenge.

On his return to Australia in 1994, he resumed his position at Belmont Vet Hospital with new skills and experience in orthopaedic surgery, reproductive medicine and homoeopathy.  

In 2006, he took up the position of Senior Veterinarian at Wallsend Vet Newcastle, and in 2012 he purchased the practice. David has expanded the diagnostic capabilities of this practice by introducing ultrasonography, in-house blood testing and advanced veterinary dentistry. His qualification as a Veterinary Acupuncturist also attracts many clients. 

After his house was badly damaged by a tree fall in the Pasha Bulka storm, David assisted in its passive solar redesign and rebuild. He shares his home with life and business partner Maria, as well as two sons, two cats (Astrid, Burmese and Ava, Tonkinese) and two dogs (Vasco, Kelpie x and Susie, Australian Cattle dog X). He has recently added a third dog to the family, Star the Greyhound. They met at Wallsend Vet Newcastle, when Star was in need of urgent orthopaedic surgery to correct her broken leg. She was also in search of a permanent home, so David offered her a key role in his family.

Dr Angela Brady
  • BVSc

Angela wanted to be an ‘aminal doctor’ when she was five years old, and more than 25 years after graduating from Sydney University, she still loves the challenges of veterinary science. Angela has worked all around the Hunter area, from Singleton to Swansea, plus the obligatory stint locuming in England. 

Several years at the old RSPCA at Elermore Vale helped define her attitude to practice: championing the needs and welfare of each pet, yet recognising that owners sometimes need to be pragmatic when more complicated health issues arise.
Her current livestock include a 14-year-old Belgian Shepherd, six backsliding chickens (eggs? what eggs?) and an ever diminishing number of goldfish (fish are not Angela's forte!). Two girls complete the head count and can be seen around the clinic some afternoons after dancing. Angela enjoys surgery and is making a niche in soft tissue procedures at Wallsend (the face-lift queen for spaniels and Shar-Peis).

Dr Elyas Dakhili
  • DVM

After graduating high school in his home country of Iran, Elyas decided to take his passion for animal care to the next level and enrolled at university to study Veterinary Medicine. He graduated in 2004 and travelled to Australia shortly after.
Elyas joined the Wallsend Vet Team in January of 2021 and was instantly a great fit. He has a huge ‘soft spot’ for cats and takes extra care to ensure our feline patients receive the highest level of care and attention. He enjoys all aspects of small animal medicine and surgery but admits that his biggest interests include internal medicine and feline health care.

When Elyas thinks about the future of his Veterinary journey, he envisions his own purpose-built clinic that he is constantly upgrading with the latest technology and equipment, recruiting techniques of the newest medical advances, as well as creating a comfortable and organised place for his team to work.
During his spare time he enjoys a variety of hobbies including crafting, woodworking, gardening and motorbike riding.

At home, Elyas has a kitten named Elsa whom he met when her litter came to visit him for a health check after being taken on by a local rescue group. He says that as soon as he met eyes with Elsa he knew that he would be sharing his life with her from then onwards.

Dr Paul Collard
  • BVSc

Pauls interest in animal care was sparked at a young age, leading him to enroll in Veterinary Medicine at Sydney University in 1971. He graduated in 1977 and soon began working as a veterinarian, leaving him with over 44+ years of extensive experience in the field to this day.

In 1983, he made the decision to take his veterinary journey to the next level and opened the doors to his own practice, of which he successfully ran for 22 years.
Although Paul enjoys every medical case that comes his way, his biggest interests include Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Wildlife/Native animal care.

Paul joined the Wallsend Vet Team in mid-2020 and was instantly a great fit, his experience and expertise in the veterinary field has proven highly valuable on many occasions. His pleasant personality and sense of humor never fails to create a cheerful atmosphere within our workplace.

At home, Paul has a senior Jack Russel called Archie. In his spare time, he enjoys a variety of hobbies including fishing, gardening and boating.

Practice Manager

Trudy joined our growing team in September 2016. She brings not only a wealth of Veterinary Nursing knowledge, but also much experience in Practice Management. Her career began when she graduated with a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and was immediately recruited at Greenhills Veterinary Hospital. For many years here, her skills continued to grow and earned her the position of Practice Manager from 2001 – 2016. A highlight for Trudy has been developing her skills in dog behaviour, which led to the opportunity to host puppy preschool and dog training classes. 

When Trudy is not at work, she loves to spend time with her daughter and husband outdoors. Also joining her pack are four pet Dingos – Kitty, Candy, Fella and Ringo, her palomino Stock Horses – Tara and Old Boy, and her Quarter Horse Dun Appaloosa – Montana. We can’t forget Trudy’s birds – Cocky the 10-year-old talking Major Mitchell Cockatoo and the menagerie of Wyandotte and Australorp chooks. Her otherpassions include gardening, swimming, baking, and, of course, horse riding. 

Senior Vet Nurse

Lianne has been a Veterinary Nurse at Wallsend Vet Newcastle for 15 years, making her one of our longest serving employees. 

As a senior nurse, she has a great deal of experience and professional dedication. Chances are Lianne will greet you as you enter Wallsend Vet Newcastle, as she is our Head Receptionist. For Lianne, being part of the team that treats and cares for an animal recovering in our hospital and seeing it return to its family is the most rewarding part of a day’s work.

Lianne’s home is a haven for many interesting pets, including Izzy and Ivy the vociferous staffies, Bubbles the Eastern long-necked turtle, Jewels the diamond python, and Audrey the cat, rescued from theRSPCA animal shelter.

Vet Nurse

From a young age, Hayley dreamed she would find her passion somewhere within the field of animal care. After completing high school, she stayed committed to her ambitions and enrolled in Certificate II In Animal Studies at TAFE before continuing on to complete her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing the following year, graduating in 2015.

Hayley joined our team shortly after graduating and is very excited to finally be working in her ideal career path.

Her main interests are pathology, diagnostic imaging and ensuring that all of our patients are happy and comfortable.

Having a huge respect for any kind of animal, Hayley has always had pets of her own. Hayley’s first pets were two rats named Simmo and Uber. Now Hayley has developed a big passion in caring for reptiles and amphibians. She keeps two adolescent diamond pythons, Polly and Silhou, and a Tasmanian Botched Blue Tongue Lizard named Danzi.

In her spare time Hayley enjoys arts and crafts and keeping healthy and active. She aspires to one day be a wild snake rescuer and re-locator.

Vet Nurse

Janette is a passionate volunteer for many community initiatives, especially when animals are involved. She joined the team at Wallsend Vet Newcastle as an experienced Veterinary Nurse in September 2015. 

Janette completed Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2003 whilst working at Greenhills Veterinary Hospital. Later in 2006, she moved to Belmont Veterinary Hospital and late in 2014, Sugarloaf Animal Hospital. During this time Janette enjoyed the many new challenges of veterinary nursing and reception and especially enjoyed her role as surgical nurse assisting with many surgeries including orthopaedic repairs.

Janette lives locally and is mum to three now-adult children. At home, she has three rescued pet greyhounds, Riley, Bluey and Pixie, Rusty the Kelpie and 2 cats, Sqeakie and Lynxie, not to mention the many foster greyhounds that pass through her home. She has a special interest in the welfare of ex-racing industry greyhounds and is a volunteer for the rescue and rehoming group, Friends of the Hound. 

Janette and her husband Greg also volunteer several times a year with Variety the Children's Charity, running a communications base.

Another group close to Janette's heart is AMRRIC (Animal Management in Remote and Rural Indigenous Communities). AMRRIC runs ‘Dog Mob’ which relies on donations and volunteers to help with the health and desexing programs in these remote areas. Janette's goal is to get the opportunity to volunteer as a vet nurse in one such program.

Vet Nurse

Laurie has always had a huge love for animals, even from a young age. This interest is what has lead her into the field of Veterinary Nursing.

She has gained over 21 years of nursing experience and even after all this time, she continues to have a passion for helping animals have the best life they possibly can. One of her favourite parts of Veterinary Nursing is listening to our clients talk about their pets and the many stories they have about them.

Shortly after completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at Kurri TAFE, she began working at Greenhills Veterinary Hospital where she stayed for about 20 years. After gaining valuable knowledge in all aspects of veterinary nursing she continued on her journey to work at Wallsend Veterinary Hospital.

A few years ago she was offered the opportunity to become a TAFE teacher for the Certificate II in Animal Studies course and graciously accepted the offer. This has allowed her to pass on valuable knowledge in the field of Veterinary Nursing. She also occasionally teaches other Veterinary Nursing units whenever required. She has thoroughly enjoyed her experience teaching, coaching and mentoring young students who share the same passion for animals as she does.

In her spare time she assists with her husbands home electrical business, likes to spend time with her family and enjoys working out in their home gym to keep fit and healthy.

Her pets at home include Gracie the German Shepherd, Lloyd (pictured) the Cairn Terrier, Ljubo the Shih Tzu, Princess Aurora and Rosie the two cats and Magpie and Daisy the two guinea pigs.

Vet Nurse

Having worked in the industry for 14 years, Carol is an experienced Vet Nurse. After completing her first year of studies at Kurri Kurri Tafe, she then graduated at Tamworth Tafe in 2000.

Carol has always had a huge passion for helping animals. When she was a young child she would always bring home injured baby birds and animals to take care of and would nurture them back to health.

Carols career in Vet Nursing has even taken her overseas. She worked 3 years in England; first as a Head Nurse, then taking on the role of Practice Manager. While living and working in England she was fortunate enough to travel to 16 countries, her favorites were Egypt, Russia and Greece.

Some of Carols best qualities include her immense compassion and care, which is why she left England to come home to Australia to raise her Nephew and his siblings.

Her main passion is canine behavior. During her 4 years as a Nurse at the RSPCA she noticed a lot of pups were being returned due to their behavior. It’s for this reason that she became so interested in puppy pre-school. She has now taught puppy pre-school for over 7 years to help mentor owners on behavioral training for their new pups. Carol says ‘If I can save a puppy from being surrendered, then I know I have done my job well.’

At home, Carol has a 6 year old Border Collie called Zuess, a DSH called Tickles a well as 3 chickens named Flashlina, Red and Tomasina.

Trainee Vet Nurse

Cassie’s working history started with her first ever job at McDonalds when she was almost 15 years old. She began with a position as a crew member and over the years worked her way up to the title of restaurant manager. From a young age she’s always had huge love for animals, so she decided to peruse a career in Veterinary Nursing when it was time for her to leave McDonalds.

Aligning with Cassie’s dreams, she joined our team as a work experience student in 2019 when she began studying for her Certificate II in Animal Studies through TAFE. Aided by her friendly personality and professional drive, she was offered the opportunity for a trainee Vet Nurse position in mid 2020 and is now being mentored by the Wallsend Vet Team while she completes her studies. After graduating the Animal Studies course she will commence studying for her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Since starting her trainee position at Wallsend Vet, Cassie says that she loves being able to help animals and just over-all enjoys coming to work every day.

Outside of work, one of Cassie’s biggest hobbies is horse riding. She also loves car and motor sports and enjoys working on her car or taking it for a drive at the track.

Cassie owns a DMH cat called Naughty (as the name suggests, he can be a little bit naughty!). She is also hoping to add a dog to her family very soon.

Trainee Vet Nurse

Abbey began working in hospitality and retail after completing high school but felt herself feeling unfulfilled, so she decided it was time for a career change.

It was her passion and love for animals that drove her to enroll in the Certificate III Veterinary Nursing course in October of 2020, with intention to go on to complete her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing soon after. Abbey reached out to the Wallsend Vet Team with keen interest and was offered a position as a work experience student for the duration of her veterinary nursing course.

It was during her time with us a work experience student that her professional potential and positive attitude were recognized as highly exceeding any regular expectations, which is why we were delighted to offer her a traineeship in early 2021, a position that she accepted with great enthusiasm. Since joining our team Abbey has been mentored by our vets and nurses and is always willing to give anything a go. She adds harmony to the daily workflow with her cheerful and pleasant attitude, which always spreads to those around her.

When Abbey is not at work, she enjoys photography, anything crafty and gardening (she admits that not all of her plants survive, but she tries her best!). Most of all, Abbey enjoys making new memories with her loved ones and considers these memories her most valuable possessions.

Abbey owns a 4 year old Shar Pei cross called Ace, whom she admits may be slightly spoilt and of course, very loved.